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Post Apocalypse genre

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Following World War II the development of nuclear weapons accelerated and ultimately resulted in what is now known as the cold war. This saw the United States and Russia ramp up their weapons development and manufacture at exponential rates in order to keep up with each other. The net result of this was a growing sense of fear among the worlds people. A fear that there could in the very near future be a war to end all wars. Here we had two superpowers, each with their so called finger on the button that could spell the end of life as we knew it.

Fiction writers caught onto this feeling of dread and started writing post apocalyptic fiction. This sub genre of the wider Science Fiction genre depicts life after a cataclysmic event which effectively wipes out all but a few of the worlds population. The survivors are left behind in a post apocalyptic world and must do what they can to survive. The genre is not just limited to nuclear war of course, writers have come up with innumerable was to depict the end of the world, asteroid strikes, viral epidemics, sun flares, alien attacks, earthquakes, EMP's, climate change and even cyber attacks just to name a few.

There are a few types of post apocalyptic fiction

Zombie, where most of the human race are left as some form of mindless zombies who roam the earth hunting the living.

Dystopian, This usually involves the rise of a new civilization after the fall of the current. Perhaps with some form of dictatorship or wide gap between rich and poor.

Apocalyptic, These stories typically document the apocalyptic event as well as the post apocalyptic struggles immediately following it.

Survival, Are set in a less fanciful setting were the cast of characters generally must survive in the now destroyed world.

These are not official genres but rather different types of stories one could expect. There have been thousands of post apocalypse books movies and games written or produced all with their own slant on how things might pan out after an end of world event. However, some of the more popular titles are:

Post Apocalypse Books:
- The Day of The Triffids
-The Hunger Games
-Lucifers Hammer
-The Stand

Post Apocalypse Movies:
- I am Lengend
- War of The Worlds
-The Omega Man
- The Day of The Triffids

Post Apocalypse Games
- Fallout 3
- Bioshock

If you havn't already explored the post apocalypse genre, I highly recommend that you do, it is a facinating and rewarding area of science fiction to delve into.Why not visit this site, which is a central resource for all thinds Post Apocalyptic.

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